Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sex … All Night Long or One Hour Strong?

It’s Hump Day at The Newlywed Life, the one day a week I dish about sex. Husband was flipping through this…

(No, this post is not about the cover, even though it’s oozing sex.)

… and handed me the magazine to look at the article, “The 33 Most Overrated.” While he was laughing at something at the top of the list, it was the bottom that grabbed me.

Number 33 on Blender magazine’s most overrated people, places, trends and other junk in rock list is Sexin’ All Night Long. The article reads:

“Usher, Keith Sweat, AC/DC, Prince…we could go on and on about the mack daddies who brag about going on and on – hittin’ it, workin’ it and doing other stuff to it – until the break of dawn. Even Dokken have a song about all-night boning. Two words for all these guys: Shyeah, right! Have you actually ever tried sexin’ it for more than, like, two hours? You get bored. You get sores. You get tired. Call us square, but unless you’re Sting or a crystal-meth addict, an all-night sex marathon sounds about as fun as an all-day Friends marathon. Underrated alternative: Sexin’ for 45 minutes and getting 10 hours sleep.”

Is it me or is this funny as hell? When was the last time you had sex for more than two hours… in a row? Gasp! My newlywed wives might have a little different answer than my veterans, especially if the sexin’ hasn’t spawned any children yet. Kudos to those with the stamina to sustain, but the underrated alternative might not be so, ahem, underrated.

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MsKate said...

Hahah! What a funny article! I completely agree that 2 hours is wayyyy too long!