Friday, September 26, 2008

Shop It To Me

It’s Fab Friday at The Newlywed Life, the day I divulge some of my fabulous finds. Websites, housewares, décor, drinks, jewelry, books; it doesn’t matter as long as it’s fabulous.

One of my girlfriends hipped me to this fabulous shopping site, When you sign up you tell them what brands you like, what types of items you’re looking for and what sizes you need. Sign up is quick and simple; and then they email you, as frequently as you request, with great buys of your favorite things.

It's like having your own personal shopper ... via email. Here’s to a little fabulous shopping for everyone!

Winks & Smiles,


Lite }{ said...

Wow, that's sooo funny, because I just sent a Shop It To Me alert out to like 100 two days ago! Everyone should sign up too. If ten people you send the alert to signs up, you can win a giftcard from a store of your choice! Imagine....a ten-dollar gift card from Bloomies, or Nordstrom!! Oh my! Think of all the shopping you could get done on that! Ha! }{

MsKate said...

I am in love with this site!!! I discovered it about a month ago and love seeing their emails in my inbox. It makes me feel like I am doing my part to be a diligent and savvy shopper-knowing where the sale items are and saving money while at the mall-hahah!