Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Newlywed Nine

No, I’m not talking about months, I’m talking about pounds. Gasp! Do you remember going away to college and hearing about – or gaining – the freshman fifteen? Well, here we go again; new circumstances, new husband, and a whole new set of temptations to put on the pounds.

One of the great things about getting married is security. You’ve got him now and that’s a wonderful and relaxing feeling. But, don’t get too comfortable especially when it comes to the way you look. It may sound sexist but it’s true. Ask any newlywed man what he fears the most about getting married, and I guarantee you that “my wife will let herself go” will be one of his top three answers. Most men fear that we’ll gain weight, lose interest in sex and turn into our mothers – but that’s a whole other post.

I have a very simple solution for this one – don’t let it happen. It’s important that you take care of yourself, first and foremost, for you, and it’s nice that your husband can reap the benefits, too. You can’t be happy in a relationship if you’re not happy with yourself. We feel better, look better, and are happier when we take care of ourselves.

So, once a week I will dedicate a post to knocking out the newlywed nine. As a fitness lover and personal trainer I will share what I know about exercise and eating good to help you stay that hot chick your husband married; or to help you turn into that hot chick you’ve always wanted to be. And… I’d love to hear from you. Make sure to chime in and share your secrets to looking and feeling good, too.

You can start knocking out the newlywed nine by going to your doctor and getting a physical. I know that’s no fun but it’s necessary to find out where you stand health wise. Even you natural born hotties still need to go. You might have a bangin’ body on the outside but you want to make sure that everything on the inside is working well, too. And besides, you always want to get clearance from a doctor before starting any kind of physical activity.

So, here’s to making the newlywed nine... the newlywed none!

Winks & Smiles,