Monday, August 25, 2008

Surviving a Sports Fanatic, Rule #202

It’s Marriage Monday at The Newlywed Life and today’s tip is in honor of the beginning of football season. If you are not a sports lover but married to one, today’s tip is for you…

Take advantage of the time that he is enjoying sports to do something special for you.

Do not focus on his behavior and spend excessive negative energy nagging, yes I said it, nagging him about sports. He’s having a good time enjoying something that he likes. Either enjoy it with him or find something that you enjoy to do, too.

Yes, you are a couple now, but you still need to nurture your individuality. It’s OK and encouraged to have some separate interests of your own. Be one with yourself. Discover a passion that is hidden in the depths of your soul. And if that’s too deep for you, grab your purse and a girlfriend and go shopping. See a movie, get a massage, go to a play, read a book, catch up on some sleep. Do something (except bitch at him) that will make you happy, too.

Winks & Smiles,