Friday, August 22, 2008

Wives’ Words: Living Together, Part 1

Real wives share their thoughts on living together…

“Whatever habits existed before the marriage will be there afterwards. Don’t expect too much change. If he was a slob the night before the ceremony he will be that same slob the next morning.” —Cheryl, married five years

“Don't project yourself onto your spouse and get mad if he doesn't do it your way (cleaning up, cooking paying bills). Work it out and figure out who likes (doesn't mind) doing what.” —Robin, married six years

“You will be exposed to habits that will annoy the hell out of you. You can nag about everything, but that will be a total drag – for you and for him! If your husband, no matter how many times you ask him, never seems to be able to put a new toilet paper roll in the bathroom, then it may be better for your sanity to just know that you’ll be the toilet paper replacer in the family.” —Nancy, married two years

“Be very careful living together is different than being married. We lived together a year before getting married and it was amazing we still did not skip the one year situations that have to be worked out. Marriage is a totally different creature.” —Rachel, married 12 years

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with not knowing what to do in your marriage, but there is something wrong with not finding out.

Winks & Smiles,